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We are not cute Meerkats, but we like their team spirit
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Willpower, team spirit and ambition

We have the skills and willpower to succeed no matter the challenge, the team spirit to do more together and the ambition to achieve great things.

We are Flo-culture team.

At Flo-culture, we believe in the power of discovery to change lives.
We help put great content about amazing places and objects in the hands of those who want to discover more about the world around them.

We are a software company that specialises in proximity engagement. We are passionate about exploiting new technologies to facilitate the exploration of the world around us.

Our key goal is to help great organisations in the arts, heritage, science and visitor attraction sectors to connect more people to some of the world’s most amazing objects, places and events.

We do this by providing them with easy access to a range of digital tools that can be used to deliver more personalised, interactive and engaging visitor experiences.

Flo-culture is led by co-directors André Esteves, Katherine Pearson, and Stewart Pearson who combine their specialist knowledge in software engineering, customer engagement and marketing to deliver innovative and accessible software solutions.

Katherine Pearson, Managing Director

Katherine is responsible for setting the future direction of the company and keeping us on track. She works closely with our customers to discover what they really need and makes sure we provide them with the solutions that work best for them.

Katherine came late to the technology sector having spent the first 30 years of her career working in the cultural sector as an artist, arts director and senior executive. Her move into technologies was prompted by her frustration at the difficulties those in the cultural sector faced when trying to fully exploit the technologies that were transforming how the rest of the world was communicating. Addressing these difficulties is why Flo-culture exists.

André Esteves, Technical Director

André leads our technical development and delivery. He is responsible for exploring how emergent technologies can be utilised to advance the capabilities of our technical solutions and platforms.

He designs and builds all our databases, process systems and user interfaces, and cares for Bertina and Bert, our servers based in Paris.

André is curious and passionate about the potential of technologies to enhance our lives. He has a strong track record finding creative solutions to the most intractable problems, and never gets flustered.

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