Using 5G to support tourism businesses in rural communities

Katherine Pearson | Producer |

5G test-bed programme

We are a partner in the Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) 5G test-bed programme. This programme funded by the UK governments Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the partners involved. The MANY programme is focused on how 5G enhanced mobile technologies can be used to improve social, health, environmental and tourism outcomes in the rural communities of North Yorkshire. We are leading on the tourism programme.

Why Tourism?

The Yorkshire tourism industry brings £9billion to the local economy each year and employs 225,000 people, therefore is crucial to the general economy of the county.

A lack of digital connectivity in areas of rural North Yorkshire has put some at a significant disadvantage to their urban neighbours. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown, there is now a clear understanding of the need for robust rural connectivity across rural communities which will result in a more sustainable and safer tourism industry for counties such as North Yorkshire.

We are working with tourism and hospitality businesses to explore how mobile engagement tools that utilise 5G technologies can help them attract visitors, improve their experience and increase revenues.

Get in touch if you are a tourism business operating in rural settings. We would love you to get involved.

We are proud to have these companies as our supporters and investors.

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