Visiting TechXLR8

by André Esteves

From 5G to IoT, AI, Apps, Connected cars and smart homes, there was a bit of everything.

In the week of the 12th of June I was in London for the TechXLR8. This was an event that showcased a lot of the tech trends for this year and possibly the next one as well.

From 5G to IoT, AI, Apps, Connected cars and smart homes but also the multiple talks about gender diversity in the tech world which I find essentially nowadays.

Drones and robots also had their spotlight in the event either relating to AI/machine learning or 5G/IoT it was an amazing event.

I attended multiple talks about AI, apps and business development and some about VR/AR, mainly talks that I could something and apply in our company.

Made several connections which I hope will fruitful in the future of the business and will actually be necessary to grow the company.

Also met some Portuguese people either exhibiting or just attending as a visitor and we talked about business, future and how the event was proving to a successful tool to promote their business.

We were invited to showcase our company through Project Kairos which is an initiative to promote and develop startups in a sort of pitch competition. We did not showcase this year but we are sure to participate next year since it is free marketing exposure.

To summarize I am happy to come, it allowed to get a grasp of how these sort of events work and how to make good if not great connections to help Flo-culture grow as a company but theirs individuals as well.

See you next year we will be at TechXLR8 between 12 and 14 of June 2018.

Published by:
André Esteves

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