Why Sensā?

by André Esteves

The brainstorm behind the Sensā name chosen to be our platform brand name.

First let’s start by talking about our core business which is a proximity engagement/marketing platform designed to improve user experience and give more insight to organisations.

To achieve that we rely on a collection of sensors that a mobile device have, like for instance the Bluetooth and GPS sensors.

Those sensors allow us to, by geofencing or distance to the device be able to trigger specific messages or content to the users.

When trying to figure out the branding of the platform and taking into consideration the hardware we make use of within a smartphone, we started a brainstorm movement that in the end resulted in Sensā.

We held multiple meetings and discussions to come across a name that reflected the business and what we do and many names were put on the table but there was always something that pushed that name off the list.

We then had the idea of using some names and translating them into a different language, which again resulted in a bunch of great names but only one of them had that tick that stayed in the ear.

Sensā is the Japanese translation for sensor and it is a name that we all like, fancy and it reflects the business. We also loved the Japanese characters and the word look like this:


Published by:
André Esteves

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