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Key benefits from a mobile app trail – 

This case study explains how a visitor attraction secured additional visitor and business benefits from their new AR enhanced mobile app trail.


The Forbidden Corner, an award-winning visitor attraction in North Yorkshire. 


Flo-culture was introduced to The Forbidden Corner team as part of the Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) DCMS 5G test and trials programme. We worked closely with the team to explore how having access to a new Wi-Fi infrastructure and a new mobile app trail would enable them to innovate their visitor offer and as a consequence secure additional business and customer benefits.

Products created:

Native iOS and Android Apps and online app management tools.


Two months after the iOS (Apple) version of the new mobile app trail was released an impact evaluation was conducted. A summary of the key benefits are presented below.


  • High levels of visitor satisfaction

98% of app users who completed a survey rated their experience playing with the app as excellent or good.

80% said the app would contribute ‘a lot’ to their decision to revisit The Forbidden Corner.

  • High recommendation rates

The Quest app secured a Net Promotor Score of 86. This means app users are very likely to recommend The Forbidden Corner’s mobile app trail to family and friends.

‘Any NPS score above 0 is “good”, this means that your audience is more loyal than not, and  anything above 20 is considered “favourable.” Bain & Co, the source of the NPS system, suggests that above 50 is excellent, and above 80 is world-class.’ [1]

  • Additional on-site visitor expenditure

An analysis of till receipts indicated a 12% increase in on-site revenues linked to in-app messaging to promote café and shop offers.

Assuming that in the future, 25% of all visitors (circa 25,000) use the app and follow a similar pattern of increased expenditure behaviour, this represents potential additional revenues of circa £16,000 in a year. We anticipate this will increase significantly as a higher % of visitors choose to play with the app, and the team becomes more confident using in-app messaging to promote offers.

  • Digitisation of a paper-based trail

Digitisation of an existing paper-based trail saved money on printing (from circa £8,000 to £2,000) and reduced The Forbidden Corner’s carbon footprint.

  • Improved visitor engagement off-site

The team are using the claim certificate feature in the app, which requires app users to share their email, to build a new compliant customer database.

About 35% of users who qualified for a personalised certificate requested one in recognition of their finding achievements. Securing their customers’ contact information allows the team to build a new GDPR compliant customer database. They will use this information to build a relationship with their customers off-site, including encouraging frequent visits with special offers.

  • Increased social media presence

In-app photo-sharing features linked to the user’s social media and online channels has helped to increase The Forbidden Corner’s social media presence and online profile.

During June, eight Facebook posts referenced the app. These posts generated 112 likes and 62 shares. Other posts in June that did not reference the app averaged 18 likes and five shares. These findings demonstrate how effective social media activity linked to the app was in increasing the organisations social media profile.

  • Increased digital confidence

The team’s digital marketing skills and ability to maximise the impact of the app were developed through a series of on-site and on-line training activities.

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