Why will your visitors love your mobile augmented reality tours?

It's great fun

Visitors will play and have fun with amazing AR creatures that appear to exist in the real world!

It's a challenge

Visitors will be challenged to find virtual amulets and collect AR creatures that are hidden across your museum.

It's interactive

Visitors will test their explorer skills as they follow clues to find hidden amulets that are 'tied' to specific exhibits.

It's creative

Visitors will have loads of laughs when they use Augmented Reality face filters to create unique player profiles. Great for sharing!

It's rewarding

Visitors will discover more about your collections and  stories as they search for hidden amulets and AR rewards.

It's memorable

Once collected, visitors will take photos with their AR rewards everywhere, creating amazing pictures that are worth sharing!

Why will your team love their Gamified AR Quest Platform subscription?

FREE 14-day trial

Get started with our feature-packed FREE trial plan for 14-days. Have fun and discover what is possible.

Affordable plans

With paid plans starting at only £98/month (billed annually) we have affordable options for all organisations.

Easy customisation

It is easy to upload your own graphics to customise and brand your AR Quest experience.

Increase on-site revenues

Use your in-app messaging system to send visitors targeted messages. Use this to promote special offers that will drive on-site revenues and more frequent visits.

Fast & easy quest creation

1. Choose the locations you want to promote. 2. Create short clues to help players find their way. 3. Choose the AR rewards your visitors will unlock. As simple as 1-2-3!

Choose how your apps are published

All platform apps are published on Flo-culture's Quest AR Explorer App. Stand alone branded apps can also be published on the App and Google Play stores.

Dedicated workspace

All the tools you need to create, manage and monitor your AR quest apps are accessed via your own online workspace.

Safe & secure data

For data security, your content and app data are encrypted and safely held at two separate datacentres in Europe.

Dedicated support

A dedicated account managed (who is a human not a chat bot) will help ensure you maximise the impact of your quests.

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