What is an AR tour reward?

Katherine Pearson | Director & Producer |
AR Quest reward

What are AR (short for Augmented Reality) tour rewards?

The primary aim of playing an AR tour is to locate hidden amulets and collect AR tour rewards. An AR tour reward is a digital image, object, or animation that seems to exist in the real world when viewed through the camera on a mobile device. These rewards can range from mythical creatures like dragons and monsters to our better known friends like cats, frogs and butterflies. 

Great North Museum

AR rewards stay with you

When AR tour rewards are unlocked, they are saved in the collection area of the AR tour app, and players can play with them anywhere, including at home after their visit. 

How does it work in the app?

Whether players have received a reward or selected one from their Collection, they hold up their phone (as if to take a photo) and hit the 'Enable AR' button. Their reward will then appear in front of them as if in the real world. 

Taking out-of-this-world photos!

Players can set up great photos by manoeuvring their reward to just the right place on their screen. Then, when the perfect shot is in place, they press the white button on the screen to take a photo. 

These photos can be retaken, shared, and saved; they are automatically saved in phone's 'Photos' section.


Images: Top - Forbidden Corner Quest, frog reward sitting with young quest players.

Left - Mythquest by Great North Museum; Hancock, Itchysaur reward 'swimming' over one of his ancient relatives.

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