Mobile app with AR feature depicting a miner sharing stories about his life as a miner.

Improve engagement

Use your own branded mobile app to deliver media rich, interactive interpretation experiences, guided tours, trails and quests.

You can publish your app on your own mobile devices or via Apple App and Google Play stores.

We provide all the tools and support organisations, large and small, need to create an app that will facilitate greater exploration, discovery, enjoyment and learning.

These tools make simple and cost effective to transform existing or new interpretation content, tours and trails into immersive, interactive on-site mobile experiences.

We believe in enhancing real-world experiences – not replacing them.

Innovate visitor experiences 

Transform existing guided tours and trails into interactive, responsive and personalised visitor experiences.

Give visitors AR face filters and stickers to create personalised explorer / collector profiles.

Use clues to direct the discovery and collection of hidden artefacts, sites of special interest and lost stories.

Celebrate finds with AR rewards and opportunities to take and share photos with rewards.

Award certificates for collecting achievements.

Refresh experiences with new items to collect and rewards to win anytime.

Increase audiences and revenues

Attract new audiences with new interactive mobile offers designed to increase enjoyment and engagement with art and heritage collections, sites and stories.

Increase repeat visits by regularly refreshing offers and creating compelling reasons to return and collect new items and rewards.

Increase recommendations by making it fun and easy to create AR enhanced photos to share on social media and online platforms .

Use notifications to deliver targeted onsite offers and promotions.