Wallington, Northumberland 


To engage visitors in the development of plans to open the West Wing of the Mansion House to the public.


We worked with a group of very passionate staff and volunteers to create a consultation programme that enabled visitors to participate in learning about the history of the West Wing and contribute to ideas for its future development.

Consultation activities included tours of the West Wing and opportunities to vote on a selection of ideas developed by staff. Participants were also encouraged to share their own ideas and complete questionnaires which were used to capture more in-depth feedback and visitor profiles.


Over 1,160 visitors participated in the West Wing audience consultation programme. They cast over 3,300 votes and shared nearly 400 written ideas and suggestions. 14 volunteers were involved in delivering the consultation activities that took place over a three-month period.

Feedback on the quality of the visitor experience was very positive and was probably the key attributing factor in the generation of such high-quality data. The number of responses collected and depth of engagement generated ensured that the findings were robust, credible and worth of further examination.