Strategy & Planning

Develop effective audience engagement strategies and plans. Use this process to evolve and communicate a shared vision, support effective decision making and, most importantly, improve performance. 

In our experience, listening carefully and building a shared vision is at the heart of any successful strategy or plan. Whether you are planning to secure new investment, develop new sources of revenue, build new audiences, or simply validate or update your strategic approach - we can help.

We will capture the intelligence needed to inform your thinking. We will then collate, analyse and organise that information into a concise and actionable plan designed to support the achievement of your goals.

Engagement experiences

Design and deliver amazing audience engagement experiences.

We are experienced delivering engagement programmes, digital experiences and publications for clients in the arts, heritage, education and healthcare sectors.

We have a strong track record successful delivering multi-partner projects on time and in budget. This includes liaising with partners, commissioning and coordinating suppliers, overseeing delivery, as well as, reporting and managing budgets.

Research & Evaluation

Better understand your operating environment, improve your planning and capture the impact and value of your work.

We have expertise delivering in-depth evaluation programmes across a range of arts, heritage and education settings. We use a range of creative engagement approaches and quantitative and qualitative methodologies approaches to generate in-depth and insightful information. We analyse this information to produce robust findings and meaningful conclusions and recommendations.

We also like creating info-graphics to articulate complex ideas because it helps engage more people in the research or evaluation results.

Agile thinking

We can help you build a high performing collaborative and happy team by establishing an agile culture.

We have experience adapting and using agile methodologies to support the development of highly effective and motivated teams. Originating as a tool to support the management and delivery of large software project, we have applied the approach to many different sector environments.

There are frameworks and processes that are brilliant at helping to organise and manage the effective delivery of work, most importantly however, is the cultural shift that makes the difference. Built on values of respect, learning, collaboration, openness and empowerment agile thinking can transform how a team and organisation works and thinks.


We offer mentoring support for individuals and small groups working in the creative, cultural and digital sector.

This support is designed to help those involved explore and develop new ways of working. Sometimes a little support is all you need. The mentoring we offer focuses on helping those involved to explore and define the aspects of their work they feel they would like to clarify or develop. Then provide them with the support, tools and structures they need to build the confidence and skills they need. With this support individuals and teams feel more confident, contribute more and perform better.