We will provide you with an immediate, targeted boost to your teams capacity and expertise when you need it.

Strategies & Business Models

We work with organisations in the arts, heritage and tourism sectors develop effective audience engagement strategies and plans.

This includes facilitating stakeholder consultation, analysing data, reviewing performance and stetting KPIs and targets.

Engagement Experiences

We work in collaboration with teams in the arts, heritage and tourism sectors to innovate and refresh their visitor offer and business model.

We help them create, test, evaluate and integrate new participatory and immersive interpretation experiences.

Research & Evaluation

We design and deliver research and evaluation programmes that help organisations understand their operating environment, improve planning and capture the impact and value of their work.

We use quantitative and qualitative methodologies to generate and capture information and insights and use info-graphics to articulate complex ideas and engage more people in the research or evaluation results.

Agile Thinking

We help improve team performance and management through the introduction agile project management methodologies.

Built on values of respect, learning, collaboration, openness and empowerment, the introduction of agile methodologies can transform the motivation and productivity of any team.

Programme Management

We are experienced managing audience consultation programmes, creative and capital projects, digital innovation and digital engagement experiences for teams in the arts, heritage and tourism sectors.

We deliver small and large scale multi-partner projects on time and in budget. This includes liaising with partners, commissioning and coordinating suppliers, overseeing delivery, as well as, reporting on and managing budgets.


We offer mentoring support for individuals and small groups working in the arts, heritage and tourism sectors.

We help individuals and groups explore and develop new ways of thinking and working. We provide them with the support and tools they need to build their knowledge and skills, empowering them to feel more confident and perform better.