Why the name SENSA for our new mobile engagement platform?

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First let’s start by talking about SENSA. SENSA is a flexible mobile engagement platform solutions.  It has been created to make it accessible and affordable for any organisation to use mobile technologies to engage with audiences. SENSA has in-built proximity engagement capabilities. That means teams can use GPS or other triggering device to deliver location-based content to the user when they need it most. This helps them deliver more targeted and interactive content which improves customer experience and business insights.

When trying to figure out the branding of the platform and taking into consideration the hardware we make use of within a smartphone, we started a brainstorm movement that in the end resulted in SENSA.

We held multiple meetings and discussions to come across a name that reflected the business and what we do and many names were put on the table but there was always something that pushed that name off the list.

We then had the idea of using some names and translating them into a different language, which again resulted in a bunch of great names but only one of them had that tick that stayed in the ear.

Sensā is the Japanese translation for sensor and it is a name that we all like, fancy and it reflects the business. We also loved the Japanese characters and the word look like this:


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