Engagement benefits 

AR tours combine the fun of quests and treasure trails with the magic of augmented reality to create an experience that will attract and excite audiences.


Enhance and diversify your offer

Create a new mobile app quest or treasure trail for all the family.

Provide an interactive visitor experience with a clear challenge and purpose.


Standout with augmented reality 

Excite visitors with the opportunity to experience and play with augmented reality (AR).

Players must collect AR rewards on-site. But once they have them, they can play with them anywhere.

Bring exhibits to life 

Turn exhibits into AR rewards, and watch as they appear to come to life in the real world.

Use clues and AR rewards to enhance the interpretation of exhibits and settings.

Facilitate discovery 

Encourage visitors to explore more by attaching AR rewards to exhibits or sites you want them to discover.

Use your AR rewards to create or enhance an existing or new guided tour or treasure trail. 

Keep content fresh

Update content on your app anytime using your online workspace.

Keep your visitor offer fresh with seasonal updates and offers.

Enhance interpretation

Deliver enhanced interpretation through the use of audio clips and animated AR rewards.

Deliver engaging interpretation without the use of leaflets and signage.

Revenue benefits

Use the in-app messaging system to send real-time special offers to players. This engagement can increase traffic and expenditure in your shop and café.

Increase the number of GDPR-compliant contacts gathered from players claiming Achievement Certificates to increase off-site engagement opportunities and build loyalty and repeat visits.

Use increased social media profiles generated as a result of players sharing photos with their AR rewards to attract new audiences.

Start moving from paper to digital with your AR tour app. Use this to reduce the cost of printing leaflets and contribute to reducing your organisation's carbon footprint.

Secure a financial return on your investment

Research findings

Visitors who used the Forbidden Corner Quest app spent 12% more than non-players at the shop and café.

Increased expenditure was driven by real-time in-app messages promoting special offers and promotions for Quest players.

Clear return on your investment

If you secure 6,500 downloads of your AR tour app in a year*, you can expect to achieve a clear financial return (+50%) on the cost of your subscription plan.

*The Forbidden Corner secured 6,500 downloads of their AR quest app in the spring/summer season in 2023.

Contact us to find out more about how you can use your AR tour app to generate revenues for your organisation.