Help everyone explore and discover more outdoors

Use mobile technologies powered with location-based multimedia content and augmented reality experiences to 'stand out' from the crowd and bring your visitor offers to life!

About Flo-culture

Flo-culture is an audience development and mobile app production company.

Our aim is to put inspirational and engaging experiences into the hands of people who are keen to explore and discover more about the world around them.

We help organisations improve their visitor experience, drive revenues and save resources by digitising and automating their services and offers.

Our Services

We help organisations plan and manage audience development and digital programmes. We:

  • Design and build native iOS and Android mobile apps and content management systems
  • Deploy mobile, 5G, space (GNSS) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to advance engagement ambitions
  • Scope, plan and deliver audience development and digital programmes
  • Deliver stakeholder consultancy and engagement activities

Our platform – SENSA

We are committed to making new digital technologies accessible and affordable. SENSA, our new mobile engagement platform, helps us achieve that goal.

SENSA is flexible, subscription based mobile engagement platform.  SENSA subscribers can access all the digital tools they need to create and publish content on their own mobile app.

Our clients include:
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We are proud to have these companies as our supporters and investors.

Creative England European Space Agency Northstar Ventures