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Engage audiences at home and safely on site.

In response to COVID-19 we have added a new FREE subscription offer, SENSA Explore, to our mobile app publishing platform.

With SENSA Explore you can use our digital toolkit to create and publish your own tours

on the new SENSA Explore app. 

 Get involved. Get in touch.


Increase audiences, experiences and revenues? Innovate with mobile.

SENSA is Flo-culture's new mobile app publishing platform.

Designed for organisations with guided tours and experiences to share.


Stay connected with mobile tour experiences 

Turn existing or new guided tours into great interactive mobile experiences. Engage audiences at home and safely on-site.


Fast and easy to create 

Use our digital toolkit to create and publish your tours on an app for iOS or Android devices. No coding experience required.


Adopt mobile, innovate your practice

Meet audience expectations to access content via their mobile device. Publish your tours alongside others (FREE) or via your own fully branded iOS & Android app (Subscription plans).


Real-time audience data  

Use the data collected via your mobile app to make better business decisions faster.




Services & Support

Audience development

We will help you devise and deliver effective engagement strategies and plans. 

Digital strategies  

Thinking about moving into mobile can be daunting. It must be because it helps you grow. We will help you decide, help you deliver and help you grow.

Digital expert support 

We can help you scope and specify digital projects and be on your team to help manage your digital provider. 

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