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Download The Forbidden Corner Quest and unlock a new and exciting family experience for your visit to “The Forbidden Corner,” one of North Yorkshire’s leading visitor attractions and The Strangest Place on Earth.

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Can you find 15 hidden coins and unlock an amazing collection of augmented reality rewards?

Watch this video to find out more about the Forbidden Corner Quest app experience. 


Created by The Forbidden Corner team


The Forbidden Corner Quest is a free augmented reality (AR) mobile app quest for families visiting the award winning The Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire - 'The strangest place on earth'.



The challenge

Stoln Cairngorm, the High Wizard of the Forbidden Corner, invites player to participate in his Wizard Quest Challenge.  Follow clues to find 15 ancient coins hidden in the garden (this is not an easy task!).

Winning rewards

Collect coins to record your progress, and win rewards to have even more fun!


Face filters

Create wizard avatars with beards, wizard hats and many more decorations


Watch this video to see how face filters work...



Create as many wizard avatars as you want. This is one of the most popular features of the app!

It is not easy to find all 15 hidden coins. Follow the location clues and you will find your way.


When viewed through your camera, augmented reality rewards look as if they are in the real word.


You can move you augmented reality reward around your phone screen to set up some great photos.


You keep your AR rewards

You can create amazing photos with your AR rewards wherever you are.


Bring exhibits to life

This is from another AR quest app - Find out more here...

Watch the spider crab come to 'life'...       



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