Audio walk

by Katherine Pearson

Fair Winds and Following Seas, an audio experience along the River Hull

Presented by The Broken Orchestra featuring Vicky Foster


Congratulations to The Broken Orchestra on their presentation of Fair Winds and Following Seas at Freedom Festival Hull 2019. 100’s of people have taken part in this unique audio walk.

Audio walk

Participants were invited to download the Fair Winds and Following Seas app and then follow a predefined route along the River Hull. As they walked, with earphones in place, a musical soundscape, written by The Broken Orchestra with poetry from Vicky Foster, accompanied them on their journey.


GPS Triggering

The app used GPS technologies to trigger the presentation of specific elements of the soundscape to play in response to individual locations. Through this experience, audiences were encouraged to re-imagine the ever-changing landscape of the River Hull.



The Fair Winds and Following Seas app was developed by Carl Conway-Davis and Pat Dooner, from The Broken Orchestra, working in collaboration with Andre Esteves, Technical Director of Flo-culture.

They came to us with a strong concept and clear ideas on what they wanted to deliver as an experience. This was a very positive start. They were very proactive throughout the development of the app, including carrying out loads of onsite testing, which was a critical part of the development process.  It has been great working with Carl and Pat and we hope to continue this collaboration in the future.

Published by:
Katherine Pearson

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Audio walk

Fair Winds and Following Seas, an audio experience along the River Hull

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