Proximity Engagement

by Katherine Pearson

Present valuable information to audiences when they need it

Proximity Engagement

For museums, galleries, heritage sites and areas of natural beauty

Imagine being able to send targeted information to visitors when they need it as they experience your site. As they walk in the gate, a welcome message pops up on their phone. When they approach an exhibit, and the virtual guide gives them a multimedia primer on what they are about to see. As they conclude their visit, they’re automatically given options about how they can stay in touch and provide feedback. All of this – and a lot more – is possible with proximity engagement.

Proximity engagement is all about providing valuable information to your visitors when they need it. The technology takes advantage of knowing an individual’s location to send targeted and relevant interpretative content or messages to their smartphone. These messages can include content about the place or object nearby, information about the attraction, requests for feedback, and interactive learning opportunities.

Engagement challenges

Traditional signage solutions, such as leaflets, can clutter up a place and are limited to presenting static content that can go out of date fast. In many cases, too much signage and piles of unruly leaflets can diminish the visitor experience. Outdoor signage can also be extremely expensive, and it is prone to weather damage and vandalism. In sensitive or historically significant areas, it is, at times, even prohibited. All in all static signage and leaflets can be rather blunt engagement tools.

Engagement solutions

Proximity engagement ensures that the individual has access to the right information at the right time – when it will have the most impact. Also, because information can be presented in different forms (film, audio, text and image) individuals can choose the format that suits them best.  Combining these features makes it possible to deliver more targeted and personalised engagement experiences.

We are an audience engagement company. We use digital tools to help organisations improve their engagement experiences. We specialise in building mobile apps. Our apps use proximity engagement technologies, such as Geo-fencing, AR triggers and Bluetooth beacons, to unite real-world experiences with rich digital content.

Get in touch if you want to learn more about how proximity engagement can enrich your visitors’ experiences.

Published by:
Katherine Pearson

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