How to get started with a 14-day FREE trial plan

Katherine Pearson | Director & Lead Producer |

All about a Gamified AR Quest Platform 14-day FREE trial plan

Gamified AR Quest Platform subscribers on a 14-day FREE trial plan are provided with a range of services that enable them to create and publish an AR Quest. These services and conditions are presented below.

1. Based on the information supplied by subscribers, we will create a dedicated workspace that the subscriber will use to create an AR Quest.

2. Subscribers will have access to the resources and features included with a Premium subscription plan with three exceptions.

    • Subscribers can only create and publish one AR Quest
    • The AR Quest can only include up to six Clues/Rewards
    • Image markers will be used to trigger the presentation of hidden amulets

3. Subscribers will create an AR Quest using assets (AR face filters, amulets, and AR rewards) from the ready-made collections.

4. The subscriber’s AR Quest will be published as Trial (Beta Test) release on the iOS version of the AR Quest Explorer App. This process enables subscribers to see and play with all the features on their AR Quest app before it is formally realised on The App and Google Play stores. Subscribers will be asked to send email details of individuals they wish to participate in the testing process after the AR Quest creation process is completed.

5. If subscribers decide to move onto a paid plan, the AR Quest they made during their free trial will be saved and available to update and amend in line with their new subscription plan features.

6.  If subscribers decide not to continue with a paid plan, their AR Quest and all associated content will be deleted. This data will not be recoverable.

7. Subscribers will have 10 working days to decide whether they want to move onto a paid plan. Extensions to this timeframe are negotiable on a one-to-one basis.

8. Subscribers will be allocated a dedicated account manager. Their role is to provide advice and help with any queries subscribers may have during the 14-day FREE plan.

9. Our Standard Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy apply to all our plans including a 14-day Free trial plan.

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