Augmented Reality Face Filters

Katherine Pearson | Director & Lead Producer |

Use Augmented Reality Face Filters to create unique player profiles

Creating unique player profiles using Augmented Reality Face Filters is one of the most popular quest features on our new Gamified Augmented Reality Quest creation platform.

Watch this video to see how it works.

In this video clip, a player on the Mythquest app is seen creating multiple player profiles using a variety of Augmented Reality Face Filters available on the app.

Players create unique profiles by selecting a range of decorations that automatically ‘stick’ to their face. Players of all ages love this feature!

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Download the Mythquest App (FREE) from the app stores and visit the Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle to start your AR Adventure!

New Gamified Augmented Reality Quest creation platform

‘Mythquest’ is powered by Flo-culture’s new Gamified AR Quest Platform. Backed by Innovate UK, this platform makes it fast, easy and affordable for museum and heritage settings to turn new or existing tours and treasure trails into fun interactive AR experiences.

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