Can I publish my AR Quest app in the App and Google Play stores?

Katherine Pearson | Producer |
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Can I publish my branded AR Quest on the app stores?

Yes! You can publish your new fully branded app on the App and Google Play stores and on a dedicated channel on our AR Quest Explorers app (due for release in December 2023).

Publishing flexibility

All AR Quests created using our new Gamified AR Quest platform will be published on the AR Quest Explorers app, free to download from the App and Google Play stores. Museums and heritage settings that subscribe to our Pro or Premium Pro plans can also publish their fully branded app in the app stores.

With support from Innovate UK, we have developed this platform to make it easy and affordable for museums and heritage settings to create interactive mobile AR quests. This includes giving teams flexibility about how they wish to publish their new apps and how visitors can access them.

Easy and affordable AR Quests

We have also focused on making it easy to create your AR Quests. As simple as 1,2, 3.


You decide where you want to ‘hide’ digital enchanted amulets (pick exhibits or locations you want your visitors to explore more) .


Create short clues that help your visitors find their way to the hidden amulets.


Decide what AR rewards they can unlock when they find the hidden amulets.


  • Creating an AR quest is a great (and affordable) way to deliver fun, interactive trail experiences for all the family.
  • Annual platform subscription plans start at £98 / month.
  • Get in touch to learn more and sign up for a 14-day FREE trial.

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