Mythquest AR App Spider Crab in action

Augmented Reality in Museums

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has opened a new world of possibilities for museums and other heritage sites. With AR, it's possible to bring things to life that would otherwise remain static and lifeless, such as ancient relics, mythical creatures and, dinosaur skeletons.

By overlaying digital elements on top of the physical exhibit, visitors can experience a fully interactive and immersive educational experience. These AR experiences make your exhibits come alive and share information in an unexpected, playful way.

Incorporating a Gamified AR Quest, you can easily go a step further, providing visitors with an engaging, educational and fun exploration through your key points of interest.

Augmented Reality Ichthyosaur is swimming above one of his ancient relatives.


Developed for museums, heritage sites and attractions of all sizes, our Gamified AR Quest Platform provides you with all the tools you need to deliver an immersive AR Quest experience for your visitors.

Key Features

  • Fun, engaging technology-driven entertainment for all the family.
  • An immersive and interactive experience that significantly enhances any museums visitor offer.
  • The ability to drive traffic to, and educate visitors on key items in you collections.
  • Use the collection of AR rewards to tell your stories and watch as players and friends interact with the rewards they collect.
  • AR face filters allow visitors to have loads of fun creating unique player profiles.
  • Players can play with their AR rewards at home, a great way to remind them of their visit and encourage them to visit again soon.

Business benefits

  • Short-term business impacts include increased social media presence, higher levels of visitor satisfaction and increased on-site revenues linked to in-app messaging to promote café and shop offers.
  • Longer-term business impacts come from higher rates of return visitors and higher recommendation rates between friends and on social media.
  • Three subscription plan offers make it affordable for organisation of all sizes to deliver amazing AR experiences audiences love.




You can create incredible, affordable, Gamified AR Quests for your visitors with just a few clicks, you don't need any previous experience in AR or coding.

Transform your museum exhibits into interactive, immersive experiences with a Gamified AR Quest that's cutting-edge and easy to use.

Finally, don’t worry if you don’t know what you need yet, we'll work closely with you to suggest how to incorporate a Gamified AR Quest into your museum in a way that's tailored to the needs of your audience.