Mobile app trail with magical AR experiences

Katherine Pearson | Producer |

Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile App Trail –

This case study focuses on how a visitor attraction is using an AR mobile app trail to transform their existing brass rubbing trail into an amazing interactive experience.


The Forbidden Corner, an award-winning visitor attraction in North Yorkshire.


Native iOS and Android mobile app trail with Augmented Reality (AR) features

Immersive engagement experiences with AR:

  • AR character rewards

The new Forbidden Corner Quest app allows physical and virtual objects and animations exist and interact together in real-time. Using gestures on the screen users take control of AR characters in the real environment to create dramatic mixed reality (MR) scenes. E.g., placing jumping frogs in hands and flying dragons over heads. These amazing and funny scenes can them be captured in photos and shared with family and friends.

The AR characters the users wins for finding hidden coins are stored in their app so they can be brought to life and played with anywhere.

  • Personalised AR user profiles

Visitors use AR face stickers and decorations to create magical wizard profiles. We know from app analytics this is one of the most popular features of the app!

More interactive features:

  • ¬†Enhancing real-world experiences, not replacing them

Visitors can only find hidden virtual coins and collect reward by physically exploring The Forbidden Corner gardens. Visitors use the clues in the app to find the 15 hidden coins which are located across the garden. This approach encourages to visitors to explore all parts of the garden and spend more time on site.

  • Location specific engagement

We have used Bluetooth beacon signals to unlock hidden coins only when the visitor has successfully tracked down the right hidden coin!

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