Forbidden Corner Quest Augmented Reality App

Stewart Pearson | Commercial Director |

Explore a magical world and find hidden rewards with the Forbidden Corner Quest AR App. The Forbidden Corner is an award-winning visitor attraction in rural North Yorkshire.  The free Forbidden Corner Quest app allows children and adults to find lots of fun finding hidden coins, collecting animated rewards, unlocking special offers and creating magical photos to share with family and friends.

Flo-culture 3D animation





    • Immersive, augmented reality treasure hunt keeps the whole family engaged
    • Create your wizard profile with 3D masks – beards, wizard hats, and more
    • Follow the clues and visit all the main attractions at The Forbidden Corner
    • Find hidden coins with the aid of Bluetooth-enabled location-based content
    • Rub-away feature adds excitement and anticipation to revealing coins
    • Unlock and collect 3D Augmented Reality animated frogs, bats, butterflies, and more
    • Also, prizes and certificates for the most adventurous wizards
    • Take photos of family and friends with your new AR characters
    • Finally, share your fun easily across social media



About The Forbidden Corner Quest App

The Forbidden Corner Quest app was developed by Flo-culture, an audience engagement and software development company. We support organisations by delivering new location-based storytelling experiences and immersive mobile apps. During this project, all app design, coding, and 3D modeling were completed by in-house. The app content was based on The Forbidden Corner’s characters and branding.

A DCMS grant partly funded the project through the UK5G testbed and trials group Mobile Access North Yorkshire. Additionally, the testbed and trials program will also bring a digital boost to the tourism sector. Obviously, this sector is a cornerstone of the Yorkshire Dales’ economy and the region’s wider £9bn visitor industry.

Digital Infrastructure Minister Julia Lopez said this app is a key part of the plan to put rural Yorkshire in the “digital fast-lane”. Furthermore, lopez said there is a priority to “level up” rural areas’ connectivity.

In summary, “The benefits are huge,” she said. “Local tourist attractions have been brought into the 21st century using the latest technology.”

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Finally, the free app is available for iOS for visitors in the UK on the App Store. Download “Forbidden Corner Quest” now and discover a new and exciting family experience at The Forbidden Corner, one of North Yorkshire’s leading destinations.

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